In ONE week, I’ll be debuting my first series in collaboration with BECKLEY Boutique/Beckley By Melissa in LA! 

    This 17-piece series references current runway looks, blending them with Avian wildlife to create a new bird species. The entire series will be available to view and for pre-sale on the BECKLEY Boutique website in the days leading up to the event. Please feel free to check it out or stop by the party if you’re in the LA area for art + bubbly! Hosted by fashion blogger and stylist, ElShane!




  2. TODAY: My dress design (which can be worn inside out and upside down) and illustrations can be found in the New York Post! Just in time for New York Fashion Week! Check it out HERE 


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  4. Exclusive: Personalized illustration screen printed onto a custom leather bag as a gift for Melissa, founder and designer of Beckley by Melissa

  5. Sneak Peek: I designed a dress which can be worn reversed and upside down to accompany an article which will appear in the New York Post during New York Fashion Week! The above illustration demonstrates one of the three ways my design can be worn. Look for the rest of my illustrations on Tuesday when the article runs! 

  6. Sneak Peek: A look into my Birds of a Feather inspiration file - a series in collaboration with Beckley by Melissa. They will be throwing an event around my artwork at their gorgeous LA store in March in which you will be able to buy both pieces from the series and a limited edition printed t-shirt developed exclusively by Beckley by Melissa. Stay tuned! 

  7. Interview with Elements Magazine

  8. kate moss v. 1 & v. 2 (happy 40th), mixed media, 2014

  9. lanvin pre-fall 2014

  10. yohji yamamoto 

  11. Samburu village fashion documented during a recent safari trip to Kenya

  12. Illustration series commissioned for the Tarin Thomas headquarters cameo in this month’s Elle Girl Japan (left page center)